In the latest step toward development and construction of its WesPac LNG Marine Jetty at Tilbury Island, WesPac Midstream – Vancouver LLC (WesPac) today received approval of the Application Information Requirements (AIR) from the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO). The AIR specifies the information that WesPac is required to provide in its Application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate under the BC Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

The 18-month process resulting in approval of the AIR involved receiving input from, and review by, many federal, provincial, and local agencies as well as 13 First Nations and the public. The process was conducted by the BCEAO, with WesPac responsible for incorporating relevant input into the AIR.

With the AIR approved, WesPac now moves on to preparing the information specified in the AIR document to make its Application. Although the BC EAO requires completion of the Application within three years, WesPac plans to complete it in 2017.

WesPac’s LNG Marine Jetty Project will be a single-berth dock located on the Fraser River, serving mid-scale and small-scale LNG vessels. Its location will be adjacent to the Tilbury LNG Plant, a separate company owned by FortisBC Energy Inc.

The AIR documents can be accessed through the BC EAO’s Project Information Centre (e-PIC) at .


About WesPac Midstream LLC

WesPac Midstream – Vancouver LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of WesPac Midstream LLC, a private energy infrastructure company founded in 1998 to develop, own, and operate energy facilities throughout North America. WesPac is majority owned by Kealine LLC, a private development company.