The EAO has completed the Application Review phase for the proposed Tilbury Marine Jetty and, on October 11, 2022, has referred the project application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate to the Minister of Environment & Climate Change Strategy and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure for a decision. Ministers have up to 45 days to decide whether to issue a certificate, not issue a certificate, or require further assessment.

Large-scale projects in BC undergo a review process, led by the provincial regulatory agency the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). The purpose of this review is to thoroughly assesses potential environmental, economic, social, cultural and health effects. The EAO has referred the Tilbury Marine Jetty project to ministers for a decision on awarding an Environmental Assessment Certificate.

The Tilbury Marine Jetty would meet accelerating demand for LNG as a marine fuel given shipping lines’ increasing focus on reducing emissions caused by current marine oil and diesel fuels. Switching from these higher carbon fuels to LNG reduces emissions that contribute to global warming and air pollution – important issues for our communities, our province, our country and our planet.

Today more than 3,100 foreign vessels arrive at the Port of Vancouver each year. Swapping LNG for traditional oil-based marine fuel will remove 90 per cent of associated particulate matter from the local airshed, decrease greenhouse gas causing emissions by about 27 per cent, while attracting a new generation of cleaner ships to the Port of Vancouver. Approval of the Tilbury Marine Jetty unlocks these reductions.

The Tilbury Marine Jetty includes the berthing and transferring of LNG to marine barges and carriers for delivery to local fuel markets and, pending market demand, offshore export markets. Tilbury Marine Jetty will require the removal of existing abandoned marine infrastructure, the construction of a new marine jetty (access trestle, loading platform and mooring dolphins), the construction of LNG infrastructure to receive processed LNG for transfer to marine vessels and safety and process control systems. The supply of LNG for Tilbury Marine Jetty will come via a pipeline from the existing adjacent FortisBC Tilbury LNG Plant.